Appalachian Wildflowers (Thomas E. Hemmerly)

Appalachian Wildflowers (Thomas E. Hemmerly)

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Appalachian Wildflowers
Thomas E. Hemmerly

“I like the idea of encouraging wildflower enthusiasts to consider the objects of their curiosity as something more than postage stamps to be identified and filed away and viewed in isolation. The approach in Appalachian Wildflowers forces readers to consider wildflowers as parts of interacting communities or ecosystems. This brings home more strongly the conservation imperative. The message that individual plants, as well as assemblages, need to be conserved for many reasons, including their known and potential benefits to humans, comes across very strongly in this book.”—Robert Wyatt, editor of Ecology and Evolution of Plant Reproduction
“This is an excellent guide for the vast majority of wildflowers one would encounter while botanizing in the rich Appalachian region.”—Wildlife Activist

2000 • 344 p. • 6 x 9
378 color photos, 2 figures; 1 map
PB • 9780820321813

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